Cook at station

On request a cook can come every day to prepare your meals according to your convenience. These costs (advised by Alabamanga) are remunerated directly to the people.

Fresh products from Nosy Be

You will find in your kitchen products allowing you to prepare your first meals. We prefer fresh and local products such as coffee / tea / Madagascar jam / spices / smoked fish / duck breasts or other seasons. This equipment and drinks will be charged according to consumption at cost price minimarket and market.

Room service - Dishes of the day

Un menu ‘gargotte’ vous est proposé chaque matin sur affichage dans l’entrée. Ces délicieux petits plats du jour locaux sont préparés quotidiennement à proximité de l’Ambalamanga et peuvent vous être servis sur place sur commande. Les prix affichés sont ceux de la gargotte + livraison.